Light and Darkness: The Passing Storm

There are pieces of me still slipping into the darkness. The tools to heal are within and around me. Yet, I still feel that darkness pulling tiny bits of me when I let my walls come down.

Past: My darkness. Although, there will always be some inside me. I am slowly learning to balance this with the light.

Present: The growth, letting the light fill me and sprout the most beautiful creation that I could become.

Future: Transformation and continuing to learn acceptance. Acceptance for knowing that my mental health will always be something I have to fight with. But with each fall I will rise faster, higher, and burning brighter than before.

Dancing is Medicine

I’m just an observer to this body

When the flow pulses through me I can’t help but start to move

The energy moves up and down, through and around

My heart begins to quicken,

My soul releasing

This is medicine, this has been within me all along.