Light and Darkness: The Passing Storm

There are pieces of me still slipping into the darkness. The tools to heal are within and around me. Yet, I still feel that darkness pulling tiny bits of me when I let my walls come down.

Past: My darkness. Although, there will always be some inside me. I am slowly learning to balance this with the light.

Present: The growth, letting the light fill me and sprout the most beautiful creation that I could become.

Future: Transformation and continuing to learn acceptance. Acceptance for knowing that my mental health will always be something I have to fight with. But with each fall I will rise faster, higher, and burning brighter than before.

Adventuring Between Black and White / Living with BPD

Lately I’ve been going through a numerous amount of changes, one of them being this blog. I used to love writing in school but over the years I became insecure about how I write. Am I good enough? Can I find the right words to fit what I’m feeling? Being someone that lives with borderline personality disorder, I struggle putting my feelings into words. The reason I chose the name Adventuring Between Black and White is because that is exactly what I’m doing. People that live with BPD tend to see things as either really good or really bad (black and white). This is me working on that mind set, let’s see how it goes.